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Wedding Albums

Canvera – Our only Print Partner

Being India’s largest photobook printing company – Canvera provides International award-winning photobooks to record your happiest moments.

Why Canvera is our preferred choice of printing partner nationwide :

    • Perfect blend of tech and design
    • Cutting-edge production facility
    • Highly trained technical and design teams
    • Lightning fast response
The Tech Behind Your Art

Canvera’s state-of-the-art production facility in Bengaluru boasts some of the world’s most advanced imaging and printingtechnologies. In use are Swiss made i1 Profile Makers for colour management, Swiss made advanced i1io Scanning Tables for print quality management, state-of-the-art i1io Robotic Arm for colour accuracy and consistency across printers, to name just a few. These highly advanced devices intervene at every stage, from pre-press to post-production, to make your photobooks perfect in every way.

The Minds Behind The Tech

Machines are only as good as the humans who use them. And this is where Canvera truly shines. Our team comprises some of the finest and most experienced minds in the business. They integrate some of the world’s most advanced devices into failsafe systems that translate into prints that bring your photography skills to life. These systems are proprietary. Processes that have been completely evolved in-house that no competitor can replicate.

It is this spirit of knowledge and innovation that infuses every stage of Canvera’s production process, and every product that Canvera brings to you.

    • Uses advanced algorithms for automatic colour correction
    • Ensure impeccable quality, and consistent true-to-life colours, skin tones and eye for detail
    • Enables exact same output irrespective of machine or time of the day
    • The algorithms constantly monitor the status of printers and maintain high quality consistency
    • Allows for multiple preset colour configurations
    • The system remembers each and every details of the photographer’s previous colour profile preferences
    • Reduce the margin of error to minimum
    • Enables corrections at the design stage itself
    • A revolutionary system that constantly measures and monitors print quality to the minutest detail
    • Ensure auto-correction & auto-optimation
    • Helps detect any deviation


Wide Range of Canvera Photo Albums